Road Trip - Week 3

When it comes to interacting with people, Jesus was the perfect example.  Through the story of Zacchaeus, we see Jesus' response to even the most imperfect of people; compassion and love.  In our own lives, we can either be an obstacle to seeing Jesus or a vessel.  Jesus treated everybody like they were somebody.  

Road Trip - Week 2

As we continue looking at the life of Jesus and how it applies to our day to day activity and routine, we see that not only does Jesus save us, but He gives us something to do.  Often, it is easy to sit in complacency, mostly comfortable.  But as you get to know Jesus, be ready to be moved.

Road Trip - Week 1

Every day, from the moment your feet hit the floor in the morning until you return to your bed at the end of the day, you are on a path, a "road trip" of sorts.  You come across events, people, places.  Just like with an actual road trip, each day we must be willing to rethink our path.  We find that the more we get to know Jesus, the more we need to rethink the way we view the things in our lives and our reaction to them.

The OT - Week 5

In our final final week of walking through the Old Testament, we look at the familiar story of the prophet, Jonah.  Through his running from God, we see that God pursues people relentlessly.

The OT - Week 4

While Saul had no heart for God, and his son David had a heart fully after God, we see that Solomon had a divided heart.  He loved God, but he also loved a lot of other things.  This kind of division got him into a bit of trouble, and through his story we gain an understanding of how a divided heart leads to a "less than" life.

The OT - Week 3

As we continue working through the Old Testament, we take a look at Joshua who was chosen by God to take His people, the Israelites into the Promised Land.  As we do, we see that God is fully able to get us to the places He has called us, and He will never leave us or forsake us on the way.

The OT - Week 2

In life, it can often be easy to focus on our immediate needs and circumstances.  But what if God really does have our best interests at heart?  What if God not only cares about immediate needs, but also provides real, true satisfaction through Jesus?  As we look at how Moses and the Israelites dealt with hunger and thirst, we see that God provides not only their basic needs, but longs to provide what they really needed through relationship.

It's Just Sex

Sex, dating, can all seem so confusing and awkward, but God has a plan for it.  This week, Taylor and CJ Parra take us through a series of questions everybody is probably asking and we look to the Bible for answers.  

I'm In - Week 4

When Jesus calls you, you have to take a step.  This week, we look at Matthew, a despised tax collector in Capernaum, and how he was called by Jesus to follow Him.  We see in Matthews life, as well as our own lives, that following Jesus starts with a step.

Scripture: Matthew 9:9

I'm In - Week 3

This week, LifePoint Worship Pastor Drew Wagner is with us to take a look at what what a life totally abandoned to Christ means, and how worship calls us to lose so we can gain.  

Scripture: Philippians 3:7-8

I'm In - Week 2

When God invites us to be in with Him, He’s not inviting us to live a rules-focused life, but rather a relationship-focused life with Him. And as we look this week at how that truth impacted someone close to Him, we’ll see that when we shift our focus from rules to relationship we’ll begin to truly step into the life Jesus called us to live.

Scripture: John 5:1-13

I'm In - Week 1

This week we’ll look at one person and how drawing close to God and choosing to be in changed her life forever. And as we do, we’ll learn that the first step to drawing closer to God—to saying we’re all in with Him—is simply acknowledging how much we need Him.

Another Christmas Story - Week 2

Assumptions.  We all make them.  It's what results when we fill in the blanks with what little evidence we have - in our relationships with our friends, families, and ultimately God.  Through two similar stories surrounding the big story of Christmas, we find that God's story is bigger than our assumptions.

Scripture: Luke 1:11-13, 18, 34-38

Another Christmas Story - Week 1

Today we take a look at a story that parallels the main story of Christmas.  Through the story of Simeon, we see that although God doesn't always come through in the ways we expect and when we expect, He is working in our stories. 

Scripture: Luke 2:25-33

Upside Down - Week 2

Family Pastor Joe Laughlin is with us this week to take a look at how Jesus treated people who didn't treat him well.

Scripture: Luke 23:33-34

Upside Down - Week 1

Today we begin a series looking at the person of Christ and how he often times did and said things that were completely backwards from the way people expected him to.  This was especially apparent in his interactions with people; his friends and his enemies.

Scripture: John 13:3-5, 14-15

Shameless - Week 3

As we wrap up this series, students are encouraged to explore the person of Christ, and how he neither condemns sinners in Him, nor does he compromise.  Rather he meets us right where we are with compassion only He can provide.

Scripture: John 8:1-11

Shameless - Week 2

When we get caught up in thinking about the bad things we’ve done or the ways we’ve messed up, it can lead us to believe that we are bad. And when we start to believe that about ourselves, it’s easy to believe that everyone else around us—including God—must think it’s true, too. But what if there was another way? What if there was a way to not only fight against the lies we believe about ourselves, but also to replace them with something even better. As we look at the way God actually sees us, we’ll begin to see that, when it comes to shame and lies, God’s love is far more powerful.

Scripture: Zephaniah 3:17

Shameless - Week 1

Shame.  It’s hard enough to feel like we’ve let people down, but the thought of letting God down can be even worse. It can even be enough to make us want to walk away. The good news is, that’s not at all how God intended for us to feel when we make mistakes. In fact, it’s not even how He feels about us. This week we’ll look at a parable in Luke 15 that shows us exactly the way God feels about us—no matter our mistakes. And we’ll see that we have the choice to stop listening to shame and start listening to God’s love.

Scripture: Luke 15:17-24

If You Only Knew - Week 3

Family Ministry Pastor, Joe Laughlin,  joins us this week to talk about where we have been, where we are, and where we are going in HS Ministry at LifePoint.  Don't miss it!